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The Almada era begins for Santos Laguna

16 de Abril del 2019 5:10 pm.

New head coach Guillermo Almada warms up to the club upon his arrival from Ecuador, where he was champion with Barcelona in 2016 and has remained until his signing with los Guerreros.

How are you arriving to Santos Laguna?

"With a great enthusiasm, desire and willingness to come to a club as prestigious as Santos. The joy is not only mine, but also my colleagues who convey the same happiness, and obviously the same challenge of being in charge of this institution."

What do you know about the club?

"I know its people, its players, and above all - we know the human element which is the model of the institution. We already have these sa,e values instilled in us and it will surely push to keep progressing."

What goals do you have as a coaching staff for the team?

"We aspire to put the team at the highest place, where it should be, for which surely there will be an arduous and prolonged process of hard work. We will, without a doubt, try to win with the daily work on the field, where humility, sacrifice and good communion must be present."

How would you describe your idea of the game as it will apply to the team?

"Ultimately I like to have the responsibility of the game. I propose developing a team with great intensity that is supportive, provides a show for fans, is offensive, and is open on the wings. Hopefully we will develop a team with which the fans identify."

What is the first objective in this match against Querétaro?

"We are going to fight for the possibility of qualifying for the Liguilla. We have to set short goals, the first of which is our game against Queretaro. From there we want to get the three points and bring joy to our fans."

What message do you give to the followers of albiverdes?

"For me and for all of us on the coaching staff, I am proud to belong to a prestigious institution. We come with the desire and disposition to work hard. I am grateful that we have been afforded the opportunity to be here."