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16 de February 2020
18:45 HRS.
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Doria: We have to treat each game as our prep for the liguilla

01 de November del 2019 10:18 am.

Matheus Doria spoke to media on Thursday afternoon after Santos' 1-0 defeat of Queretaro at Estadio Corona, where the Brazilian central defender scored the lone goal of the game -  his fifth with los Guerreros - with a magnificent strike from about 40 yards out.

He recalled the moment when he scored what he calls the best goal of his career.

"When I saw the ball coming my way, I saw that the goal was empty and I had a good amount of space to shoot but I had to control it a little bit to my left first, so I thought "no, I'm not going to shoot it right now," so I controlled it a little bit more and gave it one more touch to accomodate myself and I shot it. Good thing the goalkeeper wasn't expecting it."

Regarding the game vs. Queretaro, Doria recalled where los Guerreros fell short:

"We know that we didn't start that game well," he said. "We suffered a lot during the first 10 minutes where we almost could have conceded two goals, from there it would have been incredibly difficult (to come back) and that's why we need to be more attentive, because if you have a bad game in the playoffs it's really hard to come back from that. That's why you have to do things well and win no matter what. That's what we have to always have in mind."

He insisted that these final games of the regular phase of the Apertura will be the ultimate preparation for how they'll head into the playoffs:

"We still have 3 games left including the game in Copa MX, and they'll serve as preparation for the Liguilla, taking into account that they are all going to be difficult games... games at a high altutude and away from home."