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16 de February 2020
18:45 HRS.
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Almada: Satisfied with the operation but not the result

26 de October del 2019 8:08 am.

Head coach Guillermo Almada said in his post-game press conference on Friday night that he felt los Guerreros were deserving of a different result given the effort set forth.

While the team fought to come from behind twice from start to finish, generating chances and getting forward, he said the missed penalty and disallowed goal were also factors.

"We're leaving with a bitter feeling because we generated many more (chances) than the rival, we created a lot of opportunities and we missed a penalty; then there's the (disallowed) goal by Furch," he said.  "We don't know what (the referee) signaled there. We had a number of situations that could have given us a better (result) on this game.

"We were deserving of the credit - we went out looking for (opportunities) at all times. In the front we had a team that is playing well; I think we were superior in handling the game."

The draw has los Guerreros in second place in the table and they remain at the top of the league's offensive table with 32 goals. Almada says there's still things to work on and define.

"We are on the right track and we have to keep insisting on the things we need to improve, maybe there are (some things we still need to define.) We didn't have the effectiveness we should have. I am satisfied with the operation but not with the result."