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16 de February 2020
18:45 HRS.
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Santos Laguna to pay tribute to goalkeepers in game vs. León

28 de August del 2019 9:33 am.

Los Guerreros will take the field at Estadio Leon on Wednesday night donning the black goalkeeper kit as a tribute to its historical guardians of the goal.

Each player will use a different goalkeeper's name on the new 2019-2020 edition by Charly Futbol, and one version of each jersey will eventually be auctioned through Guerreros De Corazón for a charitable cause to be determined.

1. Joel Gustavo Flores Contreras
2. José Antonio Panduro
3. Richard Allan Adams
4. Adrián Marmolejo
5. Olaf Heredia
6. "Gato" José Miguel Zavadlavd
7. Adrián Martínez
8. Tomás Adriano
9. Christian Lucchetti
10. Oswaldo Sánchez
11. Miguel Becerra
12. Julio González
13. Agustín Marchesín
14. Carlos Acevedo
15. Jonathan Orozco