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21 de September 2019
17:00 HRS.
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Expectations for Santos' youth development continue to be high

28 de May del 2019 4:55 pm.

Formerly with los Guerreros as players, and later assistant coaches to the first team, Figueroa and Rodriguez will join the club's Fuerzas Basicas as assistant coaches to the U17 and U20 teams.

In an interview with the club, Fuerzas Basicas director Eduardo Fentanes spoke about the success Santos' youth divisions have continued to see while maintaining high expectations for the 2019 Apertura and beyond, with both former Santos champions as part of the equation going forward.

"It was a positive balance," he said. "The U13 team won the championship for the first time and will be back in the summer. It was a very important result since it had never been achieved in the institution.

The U17 and U20 were leaders practically the entire year which speaks to the fact that they had a fairly regular performance, while our U15 managed to finish as goal scoring leaders with one of the best offenses in the category. Collectively they did quite well -- the U17 finished with one of the best defenses in the MX League (fourth place) and with the 20, in the midst of special circumstances because it was a small group, focused a lot on individual performances. What's more is that we had many players called to different cateories of national teams, and for all that we undoubtedly remain in the positive.

12 youth products from Santos were called during the first half of the year:  Gerardo Arteaga, Jesus Angulo, Eduardo Aguirre, Adrián Lozano, Diego Medina, Hector Holguin, Jordan Carrillo, Edgar Games, Ruben Perez Vertti, Kevin Antuna, Santiago Muñoz and Luis Vega highlighted in this area for the lagoon entity.

As the second half of the year approaches and a new tournament creeps around the corner, Fentanes says the collective expectation for success remains high.

"As we improved from one tournament to another and competed better each time, now we will undoubtedly aim to exceed what was done in the first semester," he said.

Going forward, "categories are combined, there are young players who are moving up for the first time to another category. Those born in 2001 are moving up to the U20 for the first time, and those from 2003 to the U17, 2004 to the U15, and so on."

Looking to the future, Fentanes will aim to keep all of Santos' youth categories at the top of their respective categories as the club continues its mission to invest in youth talent for Mexico's future.

"The expectation is to keep us in a potagonistic position, above all managing to develop the player's individual capacities to continue preparing the youth for the first division with Santos or elsewhere.

The great strength of our Fuerzas Basicas is undoubtedly the people, the training of our coaches. Our methodology is very useful and scouting also helps us a lot. With the return of (U15 head coach) Carlos Cruz from his Master's in Spain, we grow"

As for the additions of Figueroa and Rodriguez, Fentanes said the additions will make Santos youth teams stronger.

"The arrival of Rafael Figueroa and Juan Pablo Rodríguez is very good for us. After talking with them and according to the profiles we recognize, they were assigned to their respective categories. We are sure that they will contribute a lot and will continue to prepare themselves as coaches.

Technical Forces Basic Forces / Opening Tournament 2019

Sub 20

Technical Director - Roberto Omar Tapia Jaramillo
Technical Assistant - Rafael Alejandro Figueroa Gómez
Physical Trainer - Cristian Alejandro Martínez Álvarez

Sub 17

Technical Director - Mario Emilio Menéndez Conde Núñez
Technical Assistant - Juan Pablo Rodríguez Guerrero
Physical Trainer - Arturo Daniel López Méndez

Sub 15

Technical Director - Carlos Arturo Cruz Zúñiga
Technical Assistant - Martín Pérez Padrón
Physical Trainer - Carlos Jesús Posada Luna

Sub 14

Technical Director - Vinicio Guerrero Karass
Physical Trainer - Claudio Costilla Cordero

Sub 13

Technical Director - Jorge Alberto Campos Valadez
Technical Assistant - Mario Alberto Piña Sánchez
Physical Trainer - Antonio de Jesús Rodríguez Muñoz