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16 de February 2020
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Dante Elizalde assumes role as president of Club Santos Laguna

06 de May del 2019 9:03 am.

Alejandro Irarragorri on Sunday announced a series of new changes within the structure of Club Santos Laguna parent company Orlegi Sports and the team itself, which will arm the institution for new opportunities and challenges ahead. 
Irarragorri, after 12 years at the helm of Club Santos, will hand over his position to focus on the presidency of the Board of Directors of Grupo Orlegi, while Santos Director of Football José Riestra López ends his term as Vice President of Club Santos Laguna to take the position of Corporate Director of Football.
Dante Elizalde, the insitution's longtime corporate attorney and legal director-turned General Manager will assume the role of club president.
Irarragorri offered words on the new structure ahead of a new era for parent company Orlegi Sports and Club Santos Laguna.
"I'm making the decision and taking a responsibility that we feel as a group and for the opportunity that we visualize to be able to generate and build value for the fans, the city, to the region, in other areas in football and for all the people who collaborate with us.
"Pepe has been fundamental in the development of this institution and he assumes responsibility as the highest sporting authority within our organization, at a corporate level with a team that we are developing to face all of the great challenges we have ahead.
"Dante, for us in the organization, is the clearest example we can find of a Warrior is and what it means to live a life as a warrior. He is a person who knows how to listen, who knows how to work with others."
With Irarragorri and Riestra, Santos has won four league titles (2008, 2012, 2015, 2018) with the first team and became the first team in Mexican football to do the same at the youth level, winning five championships between the U17 and U20 from 2013-2018.
With this new structure, Orlegi Sports prepares itself to face new challenges  in different areas of its business practices, with the intention of continuing to grow and generate value in society at a national and international level.