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Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available for sale at the stadium ticket offices and Superboleto Centers, as well as on the website: The days of sale in each of these places depends on the dates of the match.

When can I buy tickets?

The ticket offices of the Stadium are open from 10 am to 6 pm. The Superboleto Centers have different schedules because they are in Shopping Centers that handle different times than the Stadium ticket offices, but they are usually open from 10 am to 8 pm  throughout the day.

How can I know when tickets for certain games and events go on sale?

The dates of sale are always announced via local media, radio, TV, and social media.  You can also contact the box office at 293.91.56.

What payment methods are accepted?

Cash and credit / debit cards are accepted. Bank transfers and deposits are accepted only for groups of fans who live outside the city.

Do you have any kind of promotion for when paying with credit cards?

In the case of individual tickets for matches no. When the sale of tickets is made, there are some promotions for months without interest with participating cards.

If I want to make some type of bank transfer or deposit, how do I do it?

For this specific case, we ask you to call (871) 2 93 91 00 ext. 46717, for more information.

If I am a subscriber and I want to buy extra tickets for a game, what benefits do I have?

Our subscribers always have exclusive sales dates to purchase tickets. However, the price that is handled for the purchase of tickets is the same that is handled for the general sale. There are occasions when certain types of promotions are handled, such as preferential prices or some other type of benefit for subscribers. If this were the case, it would be announced in advance.

How can I clarify doubts regarding the sale of tickets?

You can call us at (871) 2 93 91 00 ext. 46717 or at (871) 2 93 91 56.


Season ticket holders have access all games of the regular season in turn (17 games), buying your seat for that season.

How long is the subscription?

Currently we have full season tickets (one year) that includes two regular tournaments, the Apertura and Clausura, which includes access to 17 matches, approximately. Matches of other tournaments are not included.

Can I use my pass to enter the stadium during the liguilla?

The subscription only gives access to the regular tournament matches. For the finals or playoffs, tickets must be purchased separately. In this case, our subscribers always have a purchase preference over non-subscribers, keeping their location up to 2 days before the game, with pre-sale tickets and, on occasion, special promotions.

When and where can I buy my subscription?

Season tickets go on sale before the start of the season at the stadium's ticket offices and SuperBoleto Centers.

What do I do if I missed the date of sale?

Sometimes, there are extraordinary dates of sale. If so, it would have to be a case to be resolved by the TSM ticket office team.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, debit or credit cards, and in some cases - transfers and bank deposits.

Is there any type of promotion with credit cards?

Please confirm before purchase if there is a certain amount of time without interest.

Can I buy more than one pass per person?


Once the tournament has started, can I buy a season ticket?

No, the sale of tickets is done prior to the tournament so fans can have access from the first game.

If I want to buy a ticket after the Aperutra tournament, is it possible for the next tournament?

At the moment no.

If I am a subscriber and I want to buy a ticket for next season, should I buy the same seat or can I buy in another area of ​​the stadium?

You can keep your seat or change. It's entirely up to each person, bearing in mind that pricing varies according to the location of your seats.

If I have a subscription to a previous tournament and I did not buy a season ticket for the current season, can I buy a season ticket for the following season?


What are the benefits I have?

Among the main benefits that a subscriber has, are the following:

    • Your safe place in all Santos matches (Regular Tournament of the Mx League)
    • Be closer to your team with more than 500 Super Prizes * for our subscribers
    • Payment facilities with promotions of months without interest and different forms of credit accepted
    • Days of sale and preferential prices in the league and special matches
    • More discounts inside and outside the TSM: 120 exclusive coupons for you
    • The possibility of attending a TSM Tour and witnessing a First Team training
    • Invitation to exclusive club events
    • Savings on total tickets purchased separately
    • 10% discount when presenting your ticket at: Carl's Junior, Tony Roma's, Texas Wings, Sirloin Stockade, Dairy Queen and Wing's Army
    • Special promotions with our official sponsors and business partners
    • Souvenirs only for subscribers

What are Super Prizes?

There are more than 500 gifts and spectacular experiences that we will give to our community of subscribers, some of them are: invitations to the Presidential Box during some games, invitations to exclusive Club events, delivery of gifts or autographed souvenirs, coexistence with players, possibility of attending to a stage in the company of 1 and up to 15 friends, among others.

How can I earn a Super Prize?

Only subscribers can qualify for a Super Prize, and the mechanics to give them vary, however the more information you have in our register (name, phone, e-mail, etc.), the more chances you have of being a winner. Only a Super Prize can be obtained by subscription.
If for some reason I did not buy a subscription for the current season, but I have a season ticket, do I still have the same benefits as a subscriber?

No. Once the season is over, the season tickets lose their validity and all benefits.

What happens if I lose my ticket during the season?

In this case, it is necessary to go directly to the Club offices or call (871) 2 93 91 56, to report the loss. The indicated person will inform you of the requirements for replacement of the plastic of the subscription, which will have an additional cost.

Can I sell or transfer my season ticket to another person during the season?

Each person is responsible for their payment. The payment indicates the name of the person who bought it or the name of the person indicated by the buyer, if during the tournament the buyer gives or passes this credit to another person, the access to the stadium will be for who carries the credit.

Can a child enter with a subscription?

Yes, all people wishing to enter the stadium must carry their ticket or credit for that game. In the case of children, those who do not pay entry are under 2 years (verifiable) or less than 95 cm in height.

Do you offer season ticket opions for companies?

Yes, every year a sale of corporate credits is made for companies to offer their employees the installments, and it is they who decide the conditions of payment of the payment for their employees, either through payroll or other methods, or simply offer to the Club a space for the sale of subscriptions to its employees on certain days, with direct payment from the employee. This type of information can be obtained before the telephone (871) 2 93 91 00 ext. 46717

How can I get personalized information regarding the sale of season tickets?

You can call the following numbers: (871) 2 93 91 00 ext. 46720, ext. 46717 or by phone (871) 2 93 91 56

On what days and times are the TSM Tours carried out?

From Tuesday to Friday at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 hrs, previous reservation with 24 hrs. notice. On Saturdays and Sundays you do not need a reservation, and the schedules are the same.

What is the cost?

The TSM Tour has a cost of $ 80 for adults and $ 50 for children (up to 12 years of age) and seniors (minimum 65 years).

How many people?

Tours are made from a group of 5 people and up to 50.

How long does the tour last?

It lasts approximately 1 hour and a half, depending on the number of people.

Is there a special price if we go as a large group?

Yes, we have special discounts for groups over 20 people, which vary depending on the number of people they are. You can consult it at tel. 293.91.56.

What will I see?

The tour covers all of the TSM complex:  The Soriana Lobby, Trophy Room, Training Fields, Santos Lala Soccer School, indoor esplanades of the Corona Stadium, main stadium field, players tunnel, La Chopería, dressing rooms (if possible), and some other areas of common interest.

Is it possible to see and take pictures or ask for autographs from players?

Sometimes, the team is training when a tour is conducted, some of these workouts are behind closed doors and access is not allowed. Other times, when the training is over, the players on their way to the dressing room can take photographs with fansor give them autographs, but it depends on the availability they have and if the head coach allows it.

Where do I buy tickets for TSM Tours?

They can be purchased directly at the Soriana Lobby of the TSM, with the Tour guide.

Do you accept a credit / debit card or some other form of payment?

At the moment, only cash is accepted. Also bank deposits when they are people who make reservations from other cities in the country.

If I want to book a Tour and make a bank deposit, what should I do?

For this specific case, we ask you to call Tel. (871) 2 93 91 00 ext. 46720, to give them the specific information.

How can I get information on specific topics?

You can call (871) 2 93 91 00 ext. 46720 or send an email to: or follow us on the twitter account: @TSMExperiencia