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16 de February 2020
18:45 HRS.
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One of the most widely-recognized symbols of Club Santos Laguna is its logo.


After the club was founded in 1983, its first design was created and appeared in similar fashion to that of Brazilian club Santos FC, using the same green and white colors. The upper left corner had an aura and below it in green letters bore the initials IMSS. This was the very first logo ever used and only remained during the club’s debut season.


In 1984, when the rights to the club were acquired by Salvador Necochea and Juan Abusaid, the logo was modified with color changes. In 1996 and under the reign of then-Club President Francisco José Dávila, the first star inside the shield was added when the club won its first title.


When the club won its second title in 2001, another star was added and a stronger color green was included with an outline of a black margin.  The third star came in 2008 and was added inside the logo, and in 2012, with the team’s fourth championship, the stars were moved from inside to the exterior on the bottom.

Over the years it has evolved to what it is today. In 2018, a special 35thAnniversary-editon logo was presented with the numbers 35 hugging the outside right of the shield to commemorate the club’s 35 years of existence in first division. The logo has six stars below it, representing the six league titles.